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“Above all else, I love making records. It’s a perfect snapshot of where you are in time. That’s where you put your heart and that is where you draw everything from.”

Welcome to the Discography page, the ever-updated chronicle of projects and works.

Nowherebound “Mourning Glory”

Nowherebound’s sixth studio album “Mourning Glory” was an ambitious return to the DIY ethos the band was founded upon. A double album, this record showcases the prolific songwriting and expansive diverse spectrum of “punk rock” Nowherebound encompasses.  It’s all-new music but it plays like a greatest hits album already. Released October 25, 2019

Natchet Taylor “Rainy New Moon”

The debut acoustic album from singer-songwriter Natchet Taylor. Dark, sonically composty, and raw, “Rainy New Moon” celebrates heartbreak while blending genres and styles not normally ventured into by the typical singer-songwriter fare.
Released September 20, 2019

Disko Wolves “Feral as Fuck”

The Disko Wolves debut album, “Feral as Fuck”, is a straight-up and unapologetic rock-n-roll DIY masterpiece. Written and recorded by Natchet Taylor in his backyard shed recording studio, this album flaunts pure and brash garage-punk abandon. The rules were simple, you got up to two takes on your tracks, then you moved on. Released June 11, 2019


Nowherebound “Hearts & Arrows”

Nowherebound’s fifth studio album “Hearts & Arrows” was fully fan-funded by a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign “Hearts & Arrows” is a much harder, straight-up punk rock record. It’s loud, it’s big, it’s huge yet still manages to incorporate the familiar anthemic punk-folk elements that have defined Nowherebound’s sound over the last 6 years. Released August 23, 2016


Nowherebound “Carry On, Caulfield”

“Carry On, Caulfield – N.B. Five & 1/2” is a collection of acoustic demos and b-sides from Nowherebound’s fifth album “Hearts & Arrows”. While some of the tracks may be originally recorded as demos, they stand alone on their own and offer a depth and additional aspects to the final imaginings. Released August 17, 2016

Nowherebound “All We Got is Everything to Lose”

Fresh off of a European tour, the boys and girl of Nowherebound immediately hunkered down in Natchet’s infamous Bunker Studio in East Austin to start production of their newest full-length album, “All We Got Is Everything To Lose”. Originally conceptualized as an acoustic record, the album evolved into a “softer-than-Mockingbirds” electric album while still maintaining the brash anthemic punch and Irish-Folk swagger the band is now well-known for. Released May 13, 2015


Nowherebound “‘Til Death for Life”

Originally released as a 12″ split with German band Rock Shit Hot on Ring of Fire Records. A retrospective of songs new and old, offered up as acoustic recordings featuring two new songs: the brash “Bullet and a Tooth” and the haunting “Wander Round”. Also included are acoustic versions of “Here I Am” and “That Was Yesterday”, two tracks off of last year’s “Mockingbirds” LP, as well as two remixed and remastered versions of songs off of Nowherebound’s first LP “Songs of Broken Men”. Released May 12, 2015


Nowherebound “Mockingbirds”

Nowherebound’s third release “Mockingbirds” showcases a harder punk tempered edge applied to the signature anthemic raucous sing-along abandon the band is known for. This album ups the ante by adding loud guitars and a thunderous rhythm section to the mix. This album runs the punk gamut from hard rock brashness to pop-punk melodies to the standard raise-your-glass-and-sing-along anthems. Released July 28, 2014


Nowherebound “II (Highway Gospels & Three, Two, One)”

Nowherebound’s ambitious second offering, “II”, is a double album recorded mostly in the winter of 2012 at the infamous Slaughterhouse Studios in South Austin, Texas. True to the standards set by the debut album “The Songs of Broken Men”, “II” weaves together heartfelt tunes with vulnerable lyrics, hauntingly sparse melodies with raucous anthemic sway; running the musical gambit with its tales of loss, love, brotherhood, and life on the road. Split between two discs (“Highway Gospels” and “Three, Two, One”). Released April 20, 2013


Nowherebound “Sinner and Saint 10-inch”

Released as a split 10″ with other Austin band, folk heroes, The High Cotton Grifters; Nowherebound used tunes from the original release of “The Songs of Broken Men”.


Nowherebound “The Songs of Broken Men”

This album was recorded during the winter of 2010/2011 in Natchet Taylor’s living room, in East Austin, Texas. Fueled by countless rounds of Lone Star Beer, bottomless pots of coffee, “The Songs of Broken Men” was produced during one of the harshest winters in Austin history. Punk, yet with country sensibilities and a definite acoustic vulnerability, this album is full-hearted and passionate with everything left out on the sleeve. Released April 28, 2011


New Disaster “Automanic”

New Disaster’s second release, Automanic, was recorded in Georgetown, TX at Island Music Studios by Aaron Kemkaran at the very beginning of 2008. The album offers some of the rowdiest ND material to date, yet is balanced by songs like the Stones-esque swagger-piece called Hindsight’s 20/20 (featuring Erik Larson on guitars and background vocals) and the intense guitar driven closer Bones and Ashes. During these sessions, New Disaster re-recorded “Dead Won’t Die” for the LP. Released September 15, 2009


New Disaster “Last Night Rites”

Last Night Rites was New Disaster’s debut release. The full-length album was recorded in Austin, TX at the legendary Arlyn Studios and New Disaster’s own recording studio, L.A. Blonde Studios. Various versions of this album exist. The first version (around 250 copies) was mixed by Alex McNichols and was reproduced on CDRs. This rare album cover features model Rachel Ehrenberg and included an extra song (“Dead Won’t Die”). The current version was pressed onto CDs, mixed by legendary Andy Johns, and released in Europe by Textone Records/Cargo and everywhere else by New Disaster’s own label, Night on the Town Records. Released February 24, 2008


Natchet Taylor “Barely Legal”

Barely Legal was Natchet Taylor’s second release and featured punk rock anthems performed with garage-punk rock n’ roll abandon. A limited amount of CDs were pressed for a release but have sold out. The album is not available for digital download anywhere, however, there are plans in the works for a re-release or a re-imagining of many of these tunes.


Natchet Taylor “Backlash America”

Backlash America was Natchet Taylor’s debut release. Straight up rock and roll and punk. A notable fact, Eddie Duffy of Simple Minds played bass on this record. A limited amount of CDs were pressed for a release but have sold out. The album is not available for digital download anywhere, however, there are plans in the works for a re-release or a re-imagining of many of these tunes.

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