Natchet Taylor

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, Natchet Taylor has been a mainstay in the Austin Punk-Rock Scene since the turn of millennia. Check out his acoustic Texan/Americana and Folk tunes here.

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Punk rock band from Austin, Texas. Think Pogues, Rancid, and Gaslight Anthem thrown together in a blender and served over ice with a Lone Star chaser. Traditional anthemic punk with folk and country, rock and roll.

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Disko Wolves

Another Natchet side project. Gritty garage punk-rock tunes played with reckless raw-power abandon. Featuring members of New Disaster, Gentlemen's Social Club and Yayo Sanchez.

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About Natchet Taylor

Welcome to the official website for the Austin, Texas singer-songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, Natchet Taylor. From fronting bands such as New Disaster, Natchet Taylor Wolfpack, and Disko Wolves to guitar-slinging for punk-rock-n-roll powerhouses like Nowherebound, The Gentlemen’s Social Club, and Brewtality Inc., Natchet has been a mainstay in the Austin Punk-Rock Scene since the turn of millennia.

Music is Natchet’s life and you can keep up on all his varying projects here. Current irons in the fire include new country/singer-songwriter album in the works, a new Nowherebound album to be released soon as well as the album debut of punk/garage band Disko Wolves!

Stay tuned.

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