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Welcome to the Official Natchet Taylor Website: Home of the Austin-based singer-songwriter/punk rock guitar slinger/Disko Alpha Wolf/Producer/multi-instrumentalist. Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your support. This site is intended to showcase and catalog all things NT. Keep checking back for updates and NEWS HERE...

Current Projects to Check Out

Natchet Taylor

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, Natchet Taylor has been a mainstay in the Austin Punk-Rock Scene since the turn of millennia. Learn about his projects here...

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Punk rock band from Austin, Texas. Think Pogues, Rancid, and Gaslight Anthem thrown together in a blender and served over ice with a Lone Star chaser. Traditional anthemic punk with folk and country, rock and roll.

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Disko Wolves

Another Natchet side project. Gritty garage punk-rock tunes played with reckless raw-power abandon. Featuring members of New Disaster, Gentlemen's Social Club and Yayo Sanchez.

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About Natchet Taylor

Welcome to the official website for the Austin, Texas singer-songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, Natchet Taylor. From fronting bands such as New Disaster, Natchet Taylor Wolfpack, and Disko Wolves to guitar-slinging for punk-rock-n-roll powerhouses like Nowherebound, The Gentlemen’s Social Club, and Brewtality Inc., Natchet has been a mainstay in the Austin Punk-Rock Scene since the turn of millennia.

Music is Natchet’s life and you can keep up on all his varying projects here. Current irons in the fire include new country/singer-songwriter album in the works, a new Nowherebound album to be released soon as well as the album debut of punk/garage band Disko Wolves!

Stay tuned.

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